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Who are we? 

Rail Restore BV is, with a lot of substantive knowledge from the past, the initiator in the market of rail cutting. Because at this moment only tracks can be sharpened, there is a major problem in various situations, such as tunnels, bridges / viaducts, crossings and switches. Because the grinding machine produces a lot of particulate matter and sparks, tunnels can not be sharpened in connection with fire hazards and the risk is that the large quantities of sharps that fall down on bridges and viaducts are much too large. And given the cutting shape of the grinding train it is simply not possible to sharpen level crossings and switches. The only option for a good track is to replace the rails, which is a huge cost for the railway manager. In order to get the track back in top condition at the above locations without replacing the rails, Rail Restore BV is developing the Mobile Cutting Unit (MCU) with its partners.     

The successful completion of this project contributes to the international profiling of the Dutch High Tech companies sector in this strongly emerging market. The systems, components and processes to be developed can be used directly by the project partners, on the other hand there is already serious interest from international companies and railway managers to apply the solutions to be developed in their specific markets and sectors. Various international companies provide active support and follow the developments of Rail Restore BV and its partners within a short distance.          

Thanks to the strategic cooperation of Rail Restore BV, Nimex BV and the American company Hyperterm as innovative technical parties, it is possible to come up with complete solutions. In this cooperation we work intensively with the external partners (see list "partners Rail Restore BV" on our site). This makes it easy to roll out and with that a significant impact can also be expected in the international market where sustainability plays a very important role.



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