Innovative Waterjet Technology Maintenance for Light & Heavy Rail Optimal Performance & Longevity Sustainable, Flexible Solutions Reliable Schedules & Increased Capacity

Extend Rail Lifetime with Cost Effective
Innovative Waterjet Technology

In modular and scalable applications for Rail Wagons & Truck based Rail Vehicles

At RailRestore, we understand the importance of efficient and effective rail maintenance.

That is why we have developed a cutting-edge solution that combines your valuable input with our state-of-the-art Waterjet Technology to extend the life of your rails.

Comprehensive rail maintenance for light and heavy rail

Our Waterjet Technology is designed to provide top-notch maintenance services for both light and heavy rail systems. With RailRestore, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your rail infrastructure, regardless of its size or complexity.

Sustainable, flexible solutions for reliable schedules and increased railway network capacity

RailRestore sustainable rail maintenance solutions offer unparalleled flexibility to accommodate your unique needs. By implementing our eco-friendly Waterjet Technology, you can maintain reliable schedules and even increase the capacity of your railway network. Together, we’ll pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in rail transportation.



Improving safety and punctuality of your network

  • Applications:
    • Removal of insulating layer(leaves/rust).
    • Cleaning slippery surface (leaves/grease).
  • Removal of an isolating and slippery layer (no material removal).
  • Removal of rust.
  • Groove cleaning.
  • For groove and Vignole rail.
  • Proven quality based on independent external assessment.
  • In modular and scalable applications from rail-road vehicles to train-based solutions.
  • Single nozzle (per rail) up to 2.500 bar waterpower.



Improving lifetime of your assets

  • Applications:
    • Preventive maintenance (cyclic  program.
    • Minor profile changes (anti head check profile).
    • Removal of small damages  (like ballast imprints).
    • Removal of mill Cale and decarbonized layer.
  • Removal of ~0.2 mm material (steel).
  • For groove and vignole rail.
  • Specific nozzle setup with 4.000 bar waterpower.


Pioneering the future of rail maintenance through
Innovation and Collaboration

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the rail maintenance industry by focusing on research, development and innovation.

With worldwide patents and over a decade of technology development experience we are committed to provide you with the smartest and most efficient rail maintenance solutions.


A new chapter: RailRestore is now a Plasser Group Company!

Plasser & Theurer is an Austrian family-owned company. Their range of machines covers every work process required for inspection, maintenance, construction and upgrades of railway tracks.


More information about Plasser & Theurer can be found here.


RailRestore is a founding member of the DRS Alliance. In the Alliance we are working alongside other industry leaders to reshape the future of construction and rail maintenance. Our collaborative approach ensures that we stay at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the railway industry.


More information about the DRS Alliance can be found 



The RailRestore Difference

RailRestore’s Waterjet Technology is transforming the rail maintenance landscape by offering significant advantages over traditional methods.
Our cutting-edge approach delivers superior proven results, ensuring the safety, efficiency and sustainability of your rail system.

key benefits of using RailRestore's Waterjet Technology for rail maintenance
in comparison to conventional methods:

Environmental Advantages
  • Clean & Green:
    With no fine particles and low CO2 emissions, our process minimizes environmental impact.
  • Zero Sparks, Zero Fire Risk:
    Our waterjet technology eliminates fire hazards, ensuring safety for both your infrastructure an crews.
  • Natural Elements Only:
    We use only water and sand, reducing your carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality service.
Operational Efficiency
  • Quick and Convenient:
    Our efficient setup significantly reduces time for maintenance, resulting in minimal service disruptions.
  • Competitive Operating Costs:
    Utilizing long-life wear parts, water and abrasive (sand), our solution is cost efficient.
  • Flexible Applications:
    Adaptable to a wide range of rail types, conditions and even high-risk locations like bridges and tunnels (no fire hazards).
Material Integrity
  • No Heat, No Problem:
    Our process ensures zero heat-related damage.

  • Preserved Microstructure:
    The steel of your rail always stays in optimal condition.

  • Extended Lifespan:
    Your rail will deliver peak performance for years to come.

Material Integrity
  • No Heat, No Problem:
    Our process ensures zero heat-related damage.
  • Preserved Microstructure:
    The steel of your rail always stays in optimal condition.
  • Extended Lifespan:
    Your rail will deliver peak performance for years to come.
Customized Setup for Every Need:
  • Pressure Ranges:
    Our high-pressure waterjet operates between 2.000 to 4.000 bar, accommodating a variety of maintenance needs.
  • Abrasive Additions:
    Controlled addition of natural abrasive materials ensures effective treatment.
  • Customized Solutions:
    Specific cutting heads ‘nozzles’ and ‘nozzle-setup’. designed for every application for Rail Wagons and Truck based Rail Vehicles..

By using our high-pressure waterjet for Rail Treatment, you’re choosing for a sustainable, efficient, and effective solution for modern rail maintenance.